How to add an extension wing to your workbench

Let’s face it. Working with larger sheets of plywood can be frustrating if they’re not properly supported. If you ever find yourself using outfeed rollers or simply just don’t have enough table space to support larger sheets of plywood, you’re going to love this project. This ADJUSTABLE Workbench Extension Wing can be added easily to just about any workbench, infeed table, or outfeed table. It makes working with plywood and large boards easier on your workbench, router table, table saw, radial arm saw station…etc.

For me personally, I do a lot of ripping on my radial arm saw station which is great for normal sized boards.  But when trying to cut down larger sheets of plywood, I’ve always fumbled with roller stands that always toppled over and never really worked very well. This is why I was so excited when I woke up one day with an idea that was so simple I couldn’t believe I haven’t thought of it before!  With just a few common parts from your local home center, you can easily add an extension wing to your workbench that pulls out easily and is FULLY ADJUSTABLE to perfectly match the surface of your table. 

Parts You’ll Need

Here’s a quick link to the parts in our store: Extension Wing Parts

The Project in a Nutshell

In a nutshell, the project consists of the following steps:

  1. Cut the 2×4 to length
  2. Mark the hole locations
  3. Drill holes for pipe
  4. Cut pipe to length
  5. Install Roller Bearings
  6. Drill holes in pipe for furniture glides
  7. Level and clamp the 2×4 rail to workbench or table
  8. Measure and mark apron holes
  9. Drill apron holes
  10. Thread pipe into rail
  11. Adjust and set the maximum extension
  12. Adjust and set ball bearings to be flush with workbench surface or table top
  13. Lubricate pipe with paste wax
  14. Clean oil off bearings
  15. Enjoy!

For a much more in depth and detailed set of instructions, be sure to Download the FREE Plans.

Watch the Full Build Video

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