Stillwater, MN

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I send a business inquiry?

You’d like to sponsor and help support Lift Bridge Furniture? Awesome! So what would a sponsorship mean? We’re very flexible and can hash out the details, but typically you would get high visibility and exposure to our audience on YouTube and Instagram and we would get something that helps support our projects and helps us continue to make more plans and project videos. Just fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!  Thanks for your interest!

Who runs Lift Bridge Furniture?

Currently, it’s just myself (Tommy Tompkins) which is why all the Lift Bridge videos are on my YouTube channel – However, in the future I’d love to pull in other makers that can help contribute with other Lift Bridgey type projects.

Do you actually make and sell furniture?

Make – yes. Sell – sometimes yes. If we have furniture available for sale, you’ll see it listed in The Shop. But primarily our focus is on creating fun new projects that other makers can easily build in their own shop.

Where can I get an awesome LBF t-shirt or sticker?

We have Lift Bridge Furniture t-shirts and other LBF items available in the Swag section. Thanks for supporting Lift Bridge Furniture!

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