Walnut Veneer Pegs and Jokers Game Set


What is Pegs and Jokers?

Pegs and Jokers is an addicting and fast-paced board game that’s similar to the game Sorry® but much more fun!  It’s played with anywhere from 2 to 10 players and will leave your friends and family entertained for hours. Each player has a board that interlocks with the player’s board sitting next to them.  The objective is to move all five pegs, clockwise around the boards, from your HOME area (the diamond), to your SAFE area (the “L” shape). The first team or individual to have all of their pegs in the SAFE area wins the game.

About this Game Set

This Pegs and Jokers game set is hand crafted with beautiful black walnut veneer that’s mounted on Russian Baltic Birch plywood. Each board features a hand routed diamond and “L” shape for the Home and Safe areas that gives a nice visible contrast with the dark walnut.  Each game set comes with a storage case, cards, and pegs. This is a quality game set that is sure to provide years and years of entertainment!

Peg Styles & Colors

The bamboo pegs are also hand crafted by us and come in a variety of styles and colors. The actual peg styles and colors might not look exactly as pictured and will vary depending on what we currently have in stock. If you have a preference for a specific peg style, please indicate that in your notes during checkout and we’ll let you know if we can make it.

Please see the description below for more info.

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