Launching Lift Bridge Furniture with a Standing Desk

Kicking off Lift Bridge Furniture with a Standing Desk

I’m pleased to announce the first Lift Bridge project! To kick off the site, I designed a solid wood standing desk / drafting table that uses electronics to move up and down from a seated to a standing position at 44.5″ max height.

Because the desktop can be tilted to be used as a drafting table, or for excellent keyboard ergonomics, I incorporated two aluminum cup holders to prevent any spillage of your favorite beverages while working. The above desk was built out of solid hickory which has lots of character and beautiful color variations. The knots were filled with epoxy so the writing surface is completely smooth and flat.

The desk was also designed so that it can be used with a Rolling Monitor Stand and Inversion Chair for the ultimate laptop workstation. The plans and videos for the Rolling Monitor Stand and Inversion Chair are still in the works, but you can expect these furniture pieces to be added to the site in the near future.

UPDATE: The Inversion Chair project plans are now ready and available in the Store! 

Check out the build video below and if you’d like to build the Lift Bridge Standing Desk / Drafting Table yourself, you can find the plans here.

10 thoughts on “Launching Lift Bridge Furniture with a Standing Desk

  1. Rob Behrend says:

    Are you selling them built? Please let me know. My daughter teaches high school on line and needs a large desk to support two monitors, a keyboard and mouse, not sure what type of computer she will be using, whether a tower or a powerful laptop. She will need lots of power outlets, its not required that the top tilt (in fact a bad idea), and the two base feet will need to be extended on the back by a half foot or so to help balance the weight on the back of the table. The table will likely need to be a bit larger, not certain though. Please advise.

    • tommytompkins says:

      Thanks for your interest Rob. Yes, I’m selling the desk, monitor stand, and inversion chair fully built in the Store section of this web site. Other builders are also able to setup a store on this site and sell the desk fully built to customers as well. However, I’m currently the only builder that’s ready and listed. I’m also in the process of getting the rolling monitor stand and inversion chair ready to sell so my availability is very limited at the moment. I can build the standing desk as shown, but I’m not able to do any customizations at this point. That may change after my availability opens back up.

  2. jeff says:

    I am building your standing desk out of Sapele I had sitting in my shop. The rubber meets the road tonight, in terms of my ability, I will be sliding the upper leg assembly into the lower assembly as a test fit. Anyway I just wanted to compliment your painstaking work with the plans and project. I can easily see how you could spend close to a year getting prototypes, plans and videos completed to this degree of precision. I wish you well in your business venture.

  3. Rakesh Birchi says:

    Thank you for sharing Such an amazing furniture IDEA. I definitely will try your furniture IDEAs for my furniture business. Thanks again for your time and effort to share such a wonderful designing styles

  4. Christine Hafkenscheid says:

    Hi. I am interested in your plans for the Inversion Chair.
    Do you happen to know when they will be available?
    My daughter is currently studying Furniture Design and Technology and
    is looking for help with the inversion chair, and an inversion table

    kind regards

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