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New Video – Linear Actuators 101 – for woodworkers

Linear Actuator Basics The title sounds very complicated, I know.  But don’t let that intimidate you! Linear actuators are super easy to learn and they open the door to a whole new world of furniture building where movement is incorporated into the design. What is a Linear Actuator? A linear actuator is an actuator that […]

Pegs and Jokers Plans are Now Available!

My parents first learned about Pegs and Jokers while traveling to Mexico. They quickly became addicted to the game and brought some game boards back home to the United States. It wasn’t long until we were all playing Pegs and Jokers and having a great time. My wife really liked these acrylic beads so I […]

Launching the Lift Bridge Furniture Platform

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new web site and marketplace platform that connects buyers, local furniture makers, and furniture designers all in one place! All Lift Bridge Furniture designs are contributed by members of our Maker Team and shared amongst the Lift Bridge Furniture community to create a global “virtual furniture […]