New Video – Linear Actuators 101 – for woodworkers

Linear Actuator Basics

The title sounds very complicated, I know.  But don’t let that intimidate you! Linear actuators are super easy to learn and they open the door to a whole new world of furniture building where movement is incorporated into the design.

What is a Linear Actuator?

A linear actuator is an actuator that creates motion in a straight line. They normally have brackets that you can mount to each end which allows the actuator to pivot on the mounting surface. The ability for the actuator to pivot on the surface that it’s mounted to opens the door to an infinite number of useful applications.

How to Wire Up a Linear Actuator

Check out the following video where I demystify the the world of linear actuators and demonstrate just how easy it is to wire up a linear actuator.

Soon you’ll be thinking of all the cool projects you can incorporate these into!  Check out our DIY standing desk that uses these actuators.

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