Treasure Trove of Vintage DeWalt Marketing Materials Found

Vintage DeWalt Power Shop Radial Arm Saw Marketing Materials

As some of you know, I use an old vintage DeWalt 925H radial arm saw in my shop on a regular basis that used to belong to my grandpa. The radial arm saw in general got a bad rap over the last few decades, mostly because of misuse by the operator, improper technique, and lack of safety training on this type of saw. But with the right machine setup and operating techniques, these old beauties can be a nice addition to any wood shop. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even used my table saw in the last two years that I’ve had my old DeWalt setup, and I haven’t missed it either!

The other day while looking through my grandpa’s things, my dad came across this old manila envelope that said:

Be sure to read all of the material inside. It will help you get the most from your DeWalt machine.

I saw the DeWalt logo and wondered if it might have something to do with my old DeWalt 925H. Sure enough, the envelope was filled with all of the original marketing materials that came with the saw when my grandpa purchased it in 1960. To my surprise, everything inside was in pristine condition even though the manila envelope was tired and tattered. There weren’t any dog ears, stains, wrinkles or folds where there weren’t supposed to be.  Everything looked as if it had been purchased just yesterday.

The only real blemishes were on the cover of the instruction, maintenance, and parts book where my grandpa wrote out the frame, model, machine, and serial numbers.  To me, these aren’t blemishes at all since it’s nice to see his hand writing again. His hand writing wasn’t the easiest to read because his hands shook as long as I remembered. It always amazed me that he could still do woodworking even with the shakes.

I’m not sure how rare or widespread these marketing materials are so I went ahead and scanned every single document that was in the envelope, including the pristine warranty registration envelope that my grandpa apparently never sent in, and I’m including all the documents below free for your downloading pleasure.  It’s kind of like a little time machine back to the era and glory days of the radial arm saw so hopefully some of you can enjoy them as much as I do.  Enjoy!


  1. DeWalt Power Shop – World’s Most Wanted Power Tool
  2. DeWalt Power Shop – only the all-new DeWalt offers everything you want in safety, accuracy, power plus
  3. DeWalt Minute Magic Saber Saw
  4. DeWalt Power Shop – Dos And Don’ts of Shop Safety
  5. DeWalt Power Shop – Instruction, Maintenance, and Parts Book
  6. DeWalt Power Shop – Price List – Aug 1, 1961
  7. DeWalt Power Shop – Setup in Record Time
  8. DeWalt Power Shop – Shaper Jointer Installation and Operating Instructions
  9. Modern Design in Workbench Styling for your DeWalt Power Shop
  10. DeWalt Power Shop Classic Workbench Plans [coming soon – I still have to scan this]
  11. DeWalt Power Shop – Warranty Registration Envelope

8 thoughts on “Treasure Trove of Vintage DeWalt Marketing Materials Found

  1. PAUL WALKER says:

    I was especially intrigued by the price list having scales for the saws for use by blind people. To me that is a scary proposition

    • tommytompkins says:

      Wow. I never noticed that until you pointed it out. It does seem scary, but maybe not so much for a blind person if they learn to keep there hands in designated safety areas. It’d be interesting to talk to a blind person that has actually used one of these.

  2. John Tighe says:

    Do you know anyone who’s wants one of these ???
    We brought a house that used to belong to an old engineer who passed away and all items cane with the house and this is one of many machines he has here.
    Any help or advise on this would be greatly appreciate

  3. Richard Herbold says:

    Can I get a copy of the manual for my new find. I am purchasing the 925H this coming weekend. Would love a copy of the manual. I also bought the Mr. Sawdust book. Thanks

  4. Adrian says:

    Have you ever scanned the workbench plans? I just bought one and the workbench is in bad condition so I’d like to build a new one to the original plans.

  5. Thomas Martin says:

    Thank you so much for posting this material! I recently purchased one on the 925H series and am looking to restore it to as new condition as possible.

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